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Re: Google Earth Ported

__/ [Linønut] on Thursday 12 January 2006 12:25 \__

> After takin' a swig o' grog, Roy Schestowitz belched out this bit o'
> wisdom:
>> The latest 20 or so top-level posts to this newsgroups were discourging.
>> Nothing but Windows-bashing, flatfish and a confused Bailo. Literally 80%
>> of the threads are set to 'ignore' because this seems to have turned into
>> a 'grabage dump'.
> No shit?


__/ [Roy Schestowitz] on Thursday 12 January 2006 08:11 \__

> [...]
> Meanwhile, there are more encouraging news about Google porting their
> applications. Google Talk and Google Earth are available for the Mac, so
> Linux is probably on the horizon tool.
> http://blogs.pcworld.com/techlog/archives/000766.html
> An anonymouse commenter added:
> "I'm sorry, but if software availability is an important consideration,
> then perhaps you should keep purchasing Macs or running Linux. Alternative
> Operating Systems have vibrant developer communities that release excellent
> software, in contrast to the stale, commercialised Windows software
> 'market', that more than often produces software that even someone used to
> the kludge called Windows cannot tolerate."

The news is getting even better:


Google Talk API and source code release

"Last month, the Jabber Software Foundation (JSF) released documentation for
two extensions to the Jabber (XMPP) protocol, named Jingle Signaling and
Jingle Audio. On the same day, Google--co-creators of the
extensions--released a BSD-style-licensed library called libjingle, the
implementation of the extensions that powers the company's Google Talk
software. In addition to opening the API used in Google Talk itself, both
actions will benefit open source instant messaging clients and perhaps
increase the pressure on closed systems like Skype."

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