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Re: Directory/File 'Stuck' in Webspace

__/ [Dances With Crows] on Saturday 14 January 2006 18:28 \__

> On Sat, 14 Jan 2006 18:01:11 +0000, Roy Schestowitz staggered into the
> Black Sun and said:
>> For over a year I have been trying to remove a void directory, which I
>> once created in cPanel's file manager. When trying to remove it from
>> cPanel's interface [I get]: "Internal Error, can't find that folder".
> Yeah, badly-designed interfaces don't deal well with filenames that have
> "weird characters" in them.

Yes, exactly. I initially thought about submitting a bug report to cPanel,
but they are money-making. Ought to resolve their own issues, I reckon...

>> $ ls
>>         Perturbation_Specification/
>> $ rmdir Perturbation_Specification
>> rmdir: `Perturbation_Specification': No such file or directory
>> $ rmdir \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ Perturbation_Specification
>> rmdir: `        Perturbation_Specification': No such file or directory
> The output you posted above makes me think that the directory was
> created with a strange character in it.  Use "ls -b" on this directory
> to see what that strange character really is.  Or use the shell's
> wildcards, as in "rmdir *Perturbation_Specification" .

$ ls -b
\tPerturbation_Specification/      Perturbation/
Error_Propagation/                 Perturbation_Method/
Euclidean/                         Presentation_and_Talk/
ISBI_2006_Plan/                    Sensitivity_Errors/
ISBI_Structure/                    Shuffle_Distance/
January_2005_Tools/                Thesis_Structure/
NRR_Evaluation_Assessment_Errors/  index.htm

$ rmdir \tPerturbation_Specification
rmdir: `tPerturbation_Specification': No such file or directory
$ rmdir *Perturbation_Specification
rmdir: `\tPerturbation_Specification': Permission denied

>> About 10 minutes ago I renamed a file via cPanel; the filename
>> mistakenly contained a space at the start. It seems like the same
>> scenario all over again, so I decided to ask you guys.
> "It hurts when I do this!"
> "Don't do that, then."

*smirk* True, but it was unintentional. It only happened twice throughout a
long period, roughly a couple of years. I sometimes copy ans paste
filenames; spaces often accompany the text, by accident, not deliberately.
Once this happens, it appears to be disastrous.

> ...having spaces in directory names, especially spaces at the beginning,
> tends to confuse some utilities.  bash can usually deal with these
> things, but you have to know how to phrase the strange characters so
> that bash can understand them.

I'll keep trying. The above attempt was cursory.

>> Red Hat  2.4.20-30.9smp/Apache 1.3.33/cPanel X v2.5.0/
> Your kernel is so old it has mold growing all over it.  That may not
> matter to you until you want to plug in a USB/Firewire device that was
> made in the last year or so, and you find out that its device ID isn't
> in the old kernel's device list, but you should know that.  HTH,

My host's decisions are beyond my control. I have already posted too many
'real' requests (READ: complaints). Most latterly, I asked for SpamAssassin
to be revived and logs to be properly archived. As yet, neither has been

Thank you very, very much for your time.


Roy S. Schestowitz      | Data lacking semantics is currency in an island
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