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Re: Google placement for term Wedding Music

Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [mcaldwell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] on Saturday 14 January 2006 21:28 \__
>> I apologize if this isn't considered an appropriate posting, but i'm at
>> wits end. I can't figure out why our wedding music page
>> http://www.gigmasters.com/weddings/ isn't listed higher for the term
>> 'wedding music'. I realize this is a competive phrase but we are on the
>> 5th page of results while so many other less relevant and much lower
>> page ranked sites with no back links are listed higher.
> I see you at 49th at the moment. Looking at some other sites, I agree with
> your observation. However:
> -Your  page title uses a large variety of terms that obfuscate the  phrase
> which you aim for and thus lower its value.
> -In  Google, I see 3,370 links pointing to the URL above. In Yahoo, 46,000
> links  get counted. I notice that many of them come from the same  domain,
> which  is  probably within your command. Have you considered changing  the
> anchor  text on these links to reflect on results pages of choice? With so
> many  links,  you have the power to conquer many phrases, if only you  set
> your mind to it.
>> Constrast that
>> to the phrase 'Wedding Entertainment' where we come up on the first
>> page of results. Any ideas? We would certainly be willing to pay for
>> answers.  -Mike
> I  notice anchor text like "Wedding Singer" and "Wedding Band". I  suggest
> you  have more inbound links which contain the text "wedding music" to im-
> prove your presence in that 'domain'.
> Hope it helps,
> Roy
A couple of things caught my attention right away and perhaps you may want 
to consider these. I noticed you make use of the Title attribute in your 
anchor tags. That can be a good thing, particularly when the text used 
within these attributes compliment the associated textual link. This you 
have done. What concerns me is the shear volume of text located within the 
Title attribute of the anchor tags. There is approximately three times more 
text in the attributes than in the textual links. Although the textual link 
is duplicated nicely in the Title attribute, the additional words may cause 
the Googlebot to cry foul play, you know as if an attempted effort to 
manipulate the search engine results. Now this can be argued and hopefully 

The second thing that caught my attention are your images of 1 pixel size. 
Of course, these are used as separators, but often they are used for more 
malicious intent, and can be penalizeable ( I know that's not a real word in 
English ).

Great PR though!


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