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Re: Shannon's E-store

__/ [Roy Schestowitz] on Saturday 14 January 2006 18:34 \__

> [...]
> * Make use of Open Source content management systems (CMS) such as Mambo
> Server, Plone, Drupal, or even WordPress. Install and get familiar with the
> CMS. Cost: 0.
> [...]

__/ [mark r] on Sunday 15 January 2006 14:40 \__

> roy - ive tried to get into these, but the installation says "set up
> your database" - it doesnt explain how to set up a mysql database do
> you know any tutorial sites for complete idiots in linux (himt - me)
> mark

Hi Mark,

Find out if your Web host provides MySQL databases (or any type of database
at all). Are you hosting your site on a personal server? If so, find out if
a graphical front-end enables you to instantiate databases. If not, you
might need to set up shell access and do so the 'hard way'. Consider asking
the host to do this for you, even if it costs. It's a 1-minute job.

I have about 9 databases on my main domain and I learned that good Web-based
software needs databases (as opposed to text files), so it's a skill worth
acquiring. It's only daunting and perplexing the first time.

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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