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Re: 25 Reasons to Convert to Linux

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [Aragorn] on Sunday 15 January 2006 01:55 \__
>> On Sunday 15 January 2006 02:51, Technomage Hawke stood up and spoke the
>> following words to the masses in /comp.os.linux.advocacy...:/
>>> DFS wrote:
>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>> __/ [Roy Culley] on Friday 13 January 2006 01:16 \__
>>>>> There seems to be a lot of repetition and overlap across points.
>>>>> Nonetheless it's a good collection of Linux benefits.
>>>> It also contains the lies and immaturity that are
>>>> the hallmark of Linux "advocates".
>>> you make so much of this that I begin to wonder where your loyalties
>>> lie....
>> His loyalties lie with Microsoft, as everyone on this newsgroup already
>> knows.
> Having seen some pathetic habits of his, I wouldn't bother with him. I am
> more inclined to verbally challenge Windows 'power users' (very few of
> them exist), whose knowledge of Linux extends beyond a 5-minute spin with
> Red Hat 9. Notice that the challenger here did not confute anything in the
> article, but targetted personality instead.
>> He also refuses to face facts, to accept any criticism regarding
>> Microsoft or Windows, and he's a self-acclaimed white supremacist - and
>> that is the main reason why he's in my /killfile./
> I never saw evidence of that, but I take your word (also reflected in the
> NG stats). I only ever read what Wintrolls have to say if they reply to
> me.
>>> I particularly like the following
>>> short article which is titled "Five reasons NOT to use Linux"
>>> (sarcastic).
>>> http://www.linux-watch.com/news/NS8124627492.html
>>> If you haven't read it, I assure you it's a fun read.
>> It is sarcastic.  And bogus.  And silly.  Just
>> more of the immature ranting we've all come to
>> expect from Linux users.
> I rest my case.

I used to be one of those "windows power users" myself. :)

Still am (only when forced to).

However, I look at windows as an obsolete, broken, vulnerability ridden POS
that it is. if gates and Co. were interested in marketing a quality
product, they would have taken care of all these problems years ago. I
guess the "maytag mentality" went out with companies like IBM and
others.... :(

At least the makes of Linux apps are hard working folks who care about what
they market (it is, after all, their reputations that are on the line if
they screw up). Also, I like the "maytag" ruggedness that is linux. :)

windows has its place, just not in my house.

I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or
My life is my own - No. 6

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