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If I can't succeed at Linux, then looking out the windows makes me a looser?

  • Subject: If I can't succeed at Linux, then looking out the windows makes me a looser?
  • From: loki <loki.21qhfz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 15:29:20 +0000
  • Newsgroups: alt.os.linux.suse
  • Organization: Hull Linux User Group Community
  • User-agent: Hull LUG Usenet Gateway
  • Xref: news.mcc.ac.uk alt.os.linux.suse:208639
I want to start by thanking those of you that stepped up and offered
help with the issue I am having with my Linux education.  I also want
to explain why I have had so many installs, it's not just giving up.  I
started with a Dell Latitude c640 running Suse 9.3.  I was unable to
install all the drivers necessary to do everything I wanted.  Like Xine
for example.  I was able to install and configure it correctly.  I was
watching DVD's with Linux, after a week or so, no system changes
whatsoever were made, it just stopped working.  Removing and the
re-installation of the program did not work.  I also experienced
similar problems with GPS drive and kismet.  

Karen wrote:
> as well as VMWare workstation 5.5....which has not yet arrived

>Hold off installing that until you feel comfortable with your basic
>Don't add another layer of complication that will make all your
>to reinstall that much stronger.

I have also installed VMWare workstation.  I had many problems with
this at first but was finally able to get v4.5.2-8848 to work, although
I had to run an update called any-any.  There was a 92 and a 93.  I can
not tell you which one worked but I was finally successful with it. 
Linux was my host and I loaded Windows XP, Windows 2003 server, and
Suse 9.3 as guest operating systems.  These all worked perfect and I
had no issues.  I would use these ?guests? for my testing and messing
around with the system, obviously if and when I ran into issues I would
delete the guest OS and start again.  

Thank you Karen

I have only posted and requested help because I have not yet received
VMWare Workstation 5.5, which received great ratings in Linux Format,
and installed it on my IBM.  The issues I am having are on my live
system, and I do not want to reinstall.

Mayayana wrote:
>One of the best moves I ever made
>in Windows was to start using disk image backup. If
>I make a serious mistake I don't see any point in
>sweating at a console input for hours; better just to
>re-install a fresh disk image that has everything

I have been doing a backup with YaST prior to making any system
changes, thinking that if I ran into problems I could restore the
system settings and try again.  The first issue I had with this was
when I entered the directory where I wanted YaST to store the .tar.  I
indicated storing it on my external drive, mounted under media.  The
tar was stored there, just not on my external drive.  YaST created the
directories in media.  The second problem was when I attempted to copy
the .tar to my external drive.  The file itself was 2GB in size, but
when copying it each time I received an error at 14.5 MB.  I gave up at
that time on moving it to my external and used it from the current
location.  Once I restored I was able to tell the restoration worked. 
However, this did not change the settings on desktop 1.

Thank you Mayayana

me wrote:
>" You have some weird incarnation of KDE and Gnome running in root.
>At some point, you ran nautilus. This, by default, will draw your
>for you. What you need to do is to start Nautilus explicitly, then go
>EditPreferences, Desktop & Trash, then deselect "Use Nautilus to draw
>desktop" and click OK. Thereafter, even if you do run nautilus, it
>take your desktop over"

>Alternatively, uninstall nautilus.

Nautilus has a dependency conflict with Evolution.  Removing it also
mean removing Evolution or risk system inconsistencies.  I am not
comfortable enough with Linux to risk system inconsistencies at this
time.  Coming from Windows and using Outlook I am quite fond of
Evolution and do not wish to remove it.  I created a launcher to
Nautilus but when I looked at preferences I did not see an option for
?Use Nautilus to draw the desktop?.  I am still researching this if I
do solve it I will let you know.

Thank you me

Roy L. is correct, I have posted here before.  I decided to post
questions regarding what companies back Linux.  Of all the responses I
received on that I decided to go with IBM.  ThinkPad T43 model 266875U,
80GB HD ATA 100, 1GB SODIMM, Pentium M 760 2GHz, DVD multilayer
recordable, Infrared, Bluetooth, ultra slim, Embedded Security
Subsystem 2.0 and Integrated fingerprint reader to name the basics.  I
do like this laptop but have had issues with the fingerprint reader
drivers, no big I can solve those later.  Roy L. seems to like making
assumptions.  I said I was in and working in Iraq, I never said I was
in the military.  I work for the DoD, not the military and I have never
been in the military, so I have no knowledge or prior experience with
drill SGT's.  As far as ?trolling? or being a troll, I do not know what
that means and could really care less.

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>Loki, with all due respect to Fuchs, he is among the less likable
people in
>the Linux advocacy newsgroup. It is not the first time he offended or
>attacked somebody. If I were you, I would disregard his comment/s
>altogether. Good luck with Linux  

Thank you Roy, I will try.

houghi wrote:
>Fist start quoting correctly. You don't start a new thread for each
>posting you do.

I hope that I have quoted and posted my reply correctly to help with
the reading of this post.
As well with my grammar.  I don't want to offend any ?far ahead? ass


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