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Re: Tungsten T to Lifedrive (data)

Thanks for that Roy (I've seen your name in a number of newsgroups, but
first feedback from you) :-)

I'm just trying to pre-empt any possible situations, prior to buying the

I understand, as you pointed out and and also what I have seen elsewhere,
that the LD uses a somewhat different filing system, and was a little
concerned on the compatibility. I have mailed DateBook5 (pimlicosoftware),
as I run DB5 already with the TT, and find it a better date application than
that of the TT.
Also Splashdata (ID, Photo, Shopper) I use with the TT, and have sought
verification of its ability to work with the LD.

I have a number of other apps from the TT, so guess I'll just have to "wade
my way through them", and hope the results are favourable.

Thanks for your feedback.


"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> __/ [KevinX] on Friday 13 January 2006 21:04 \__
> > Anyone had any experience of transferring data from a Tungsten (T) to a
> > Lifedrive unit?
> >
> > Thinking of getting the Lifedrive, and shifting all my data from the TT
> > LD. Should I just name the Lifedrive as my original unit HotSync name,
> > press the button to sync data TO the LD?
> >
> > Is LD backward compatible?
> >
> > Any views, please?
> >
> > Thanks in anticipation
> Hi,
> As a disclaimer/note with regards to (un)certainty:
> I went through an M130->Tungsten T transition in the past and I more or
> know the LifeDrive and general migrations.
> The LifeDrive should be backward compatible as it is only an enhancement
> its predecessor with the main difference being storage. Make sure you
> synchronise your Tungsten T with the Desktop software and then synchronise
> it with the LifeDrive, possibly forcing "Desktop overrides Handheld". This
> would transfer your settings (e.g. shortcuts), applications (though some
> be incompatible or unstable), and PIM data, which will be accessible in
> entirety from the LifeDrive. Make sure you keep plenty of backups
> throughout.
> Hope it helps,
> Roy
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