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Re: desktop problem

__/ [ henryp ] on Wednesday 01 March 2006 16:34 \__

Hi Henry,

> I have a Tungsten E and Windows 2000. My windows login is admin.
> When I double-click on the desktop icon (ver 4.1.2) which leads to
> palm.exe, I get the opening splash screen and then nothing.

Have you tried looking at the log files yet? Go to Start -> Run... ->'cmd'
ENTER. Run Palm from the DOS prompt. Is any error message spewed out? You
need verbosity upon error.

> When I try ctrl-alt-delete to access Task Manager, Palm is not in
> Applications, but palm.exe is in Processes. When I select End Process,
> the splash screen comes off.

It seems to hand though. The process is not instantiated despite the fact
that it runs in scheduler. This is never a good sign.

> I tried downloading to 4.1.4 updater and when I try to run it I get a
> message it cannot find Palm Desktop.msi.

I am not entirely sure that an upgrade would be the best solution. If you
installed Palm Desktop recently, could you revert your Registry to an older
state (any backups?) and remove the installation files of Palm, as well as
all the program files? This should remove the offending component.

> When I try to re-install from my 4.1.2 Cd it says I alreeady have a
> newer version. When I try to delete via Add/Remove Programs I get the
> same Palm Desktop.msi.message.
> When I right-click on palm.exe and select prioperties it says I have
> ver 4.1.4. Still won't open and I still cannot reinstall or delete.
> What's next? Thanks.
>  - Henry

I wonder if logging in as a non-admin user might have an effect. It is worth
trying, as well.

Best wishes and good luck,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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