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Re: Palm Tungsten T5 Reset

__/ [ Falco ] on Wednesday 01 March 2006 22:21 \__

> Roy Schestowitz schrieb:
>> __/ [ gig ] on Wednesday 01 March 2006 02:55 \__
>>>I have a palm tungsten T5 that refuses to reset completely.  After I
>>>perform a hard reset, I am presented with a screen telling me to 'Tap
>>>the center of the target'.  However, after I tap it, the target shifts
>>>and I'm asked to repeat this task ad-infinitum.  I have tried every sys
>>>reset that I can find and I always wind up back at this screen.  Any
>>>advice would be tremendously appreciated.
>>>Thank you.
>> I have been there before, with an older model though. The digitizer may be
>> excessively askew, so its fault demands a replacement. These things only
>> get worse over time. You haven't reach infinity until you have had to wait
>> for about an hour.... *sigh*
>> Roy
> I had the exact same problem about a month ago.  I returned the T5 to
> Palm who replaced the screen.  Luckily it was still under warranty so it
> did not cost me anything.  If your T5 is under warranty contact Palm
> immediatley and they can sort it out. If not you may need to look at the
> possibility of replacing the screen,
> Falco

There is some software which works around this problem too. I once wrote
about it in greater level of detail:


It a widely-known issue and a real notoriety.

Good luck and best wishes,


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