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Re: Tungsten T3 and Documents to Go

__/ [ Elaine Smith ] on Tuesday 28 February 2006 20:13 \__

> Hi,
> My T3 got a good static charge today when I picked it up and rebooted
> itself wiping out all its contents.  I did a hotsync (backing up the
> Palm folder first) and everything was restored except the Documents to
> Go.  Any idea what I did wrong or if there is a way to get them back
> without having to reload each document individually.
> Thanks.
> Elaine

I believe that the first HotSync only restores Docs2Go, i.e. copies it to the
handheld. Only subsequent HotSyncs will actually copy the files (or so I
suspect) as it needs an application to accommodate them.

Documents are embedded within the database files of the applications rather
than exist as standalone files (as is the case with MP3's) in a separate
directory. Have you checked which conduits are enabled? Does the desktop
side of Docs2Go showing the files to be included? Data loss is an abnormal
occurrence. Consider just recovering manually, file-by-file that is.

Hope it helps,


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