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Re: Microsoft on MSN Search

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [ Andrew Heenan ] on Thursday 02 March 2006 11:58 \__
>> "canadafred" wrote ...
>>>> "Holloway said Microsoft has no plans to integrate its search engine 
>>>> into
>>>> Vista, the new Microsoft Windows operating system set to replace 
>>>> Windows
>>>> XP later this year or early next year."
>>> Sh't. I was kind of hoping they'd take a run at Google with integrating
>>> MSN Search into the next O/S update.
>> They'd be in court forever; they've only just settled various EU cases
>> about forcing IE on people, without starting over on MSN Search - and
>> (unlike WordPerfect and Netscape), Google would not take it lying down.
>> Nice to see M$ is still learning ;o)
> Yes, learning to develop a search engine "twice as good" (as Google). 
> That's
> the way they phrased it anyway...

Read that this morning too. Sounds exciting.

> This could turn out to be another case where a poorer product is imposed 
> on
> many people. Take for instance the fact the most people still use Internet
> Explorer for their Web surfing. If it had to face competition and be
> downloaded separately, people would have opted for something else

Could be. Have to wait and see I guess.


Fred canadian_web@xxxxxxxxxxx
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