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Re: Microsoft on MSN Search

Whether they're able to come out with a better search engine or not
doesn't really matter. What matters is this is really serious
competition for google, the first they've ever gotten and maybe this
will force google to improve their search engine. The only problem with
google is they have absoluteley no software or filters whatever you want
to call it to get rid of the spam sites that their search engine is jam
packed with right now, mostly coming from one big company who is doing
it all and manipulating google's algo. The google algo from the fall,
which I call the fall algo, is still going on and the fall algo is very
easily manipulated by spammers much more then the winter, spring, and
summer algo's are. The spring algo is the toughest one for spammers to
manipulate. I see the winter algo starting to happen in many of google's
datacenters right now but it will probably take until the end of march
before it finalizes and goes to the main www. datacenter. The fall algo
is very vunerable to link farm spammers.

All I know is if MSN does improve and google doesn't then google's days
are numbered. If google was smart they'd do something about it right
now. My recomendation would be first just skip the winter algo and go
right to the spring algo which is the least vunerable to spam of all
kinds. Then keep that spring algo running until you come up with the
neccessary fixes and filters to permenantly get rid rid of link fram
spammers, posting spammers, and rss new feed spammers (the newest kid on
the block). Short of doing that and if msn makes good on their work you
google will go out of business but you still have time to fix things

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