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Re: Pagerank of my page went to 0???

__/ [ Ignoramus23984 ] on Thursday 02 March 2006 19:04 \__

> On Thu, 02 Mar 2006 17:00:25 +0000, Roy Schestowitz
> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> __/ [ Ignoramus23984 ] on Thursday 02 March 2006 16:23 \__
>>> I have my own home page
>>>   http://igor.chudov.com/
>>> it is a personal page, no business conducted on it etc. So I do not
>>> care, but I wonder. About 2-3 weeks ago, its pagerank changed from 4
>>> or 5 (do not recall, like I said I never cared), all the way down to
>>> 0.
>>> I did not do any hanky panky on it and, in fact, it has not changed in
>>> the last 8 or so years.
>>> Any ideas?
>>> i
>> Well, I don't know about your personal site, but your main site contains
>> half a million pages, some/many of which are copies of Wikipedia article
>> (just reached one million, let us congratulate it!!), or so I suspect. I
>> sometimes come across your domain in the SERP's merely by serendipity.
> Scary stuff. This whole wikipedia mirror thing is, likely, a mistake.

Wikipedia mirrors are a bad idea because:

1) They are unoriginal content. No offence, Igor, but I consider that
spamming (in the commonly-misjudged sense of the word). Also see:


2) They are duplicate content, so value is lost, especially in the SERP's.

3) The addition of many pages makes Google consider them irrelevant (a fact).
I recall you stating that Google was hammering your Web server. By adding
organic content You are simply diluting the level of 'attention'
(Googlejuice). You also get visitors to drift away from your original
content. I would not be surprise if Google penalised you and will continue
to do so until the pages are removed. Then, you must also use a tool such


It relies on ~/robots.txt for instructions

>> As Borek rightly said, it's probably just a datacentre 'hiccup'. Be
>> careful nonetheless and play clean. I hope your son is still enjoying his
>> splendid Ubuntu box. *wink* Is there any newsgroups where we haven't
>> bumped into each other?
> I do try to play clean indeed. My son is enjoying his ubuntu box. One
> thing deserves mention. It had no sound card, so I inserted a sound
> card and rebooted. I expected that I needed to do some setup of a new
> card, but the box acquired sound automagically. He loves his
> computer. Learned to browse a little bit, but his reading abilities
> are not sufficient yet.
> i

(X)buntu handles hardware better than many other operating systems, including
Windows XP. I could just plug in my scanner to Ubuntu and run XSane to begin
scanning. No installation of software or drivers is necessary. It recognises
a yet-foreign hardware straight away. And it continues to get better...

Best wishes,


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