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Re: Opinions on new PDA please

  • Subject: Re: Opinions on new PDA please
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2006 09:48:11 +0000
  • Newsgroups: uk.comp.sys.palmtops
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [ Don Ocean ] on Friday 03 March 2006 07:59 \__

> Martin wrote:
>> <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:t8vbd3-cp5.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>Martin <nospam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>><mike@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>>>Flunkett Clogwheel <plunket@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>>>"Martin" <nospam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>>>>"How popular would a car be if it couldn't use normal petrol form an
>>>>>>garage? Would you buy one? A car nerd might....."
>>>>>>A linux nerd may well own a sinclair C5.......... So you have a very
>>>>>I suspect the C5 would have been a rather better investment than a
>>>>>normal petrol car of it's day. There's one on ebay for 900 quid at the
>>>>>Martin and Flunkett really should get out more though. If you pop into
>>>>>almost any "petrol" station these days you'll find people filling cars
>>>>>tanks with stuff called diesel these cars seem to be getting more rather
>>>>>than less common as are cars that run on lpg.
>>>>Er, don't think I mentioned Diesel did I?
>>>No you didn't that's why I pointed it out.
>>>>However, if you run your car on
>>>>say Vegetable oil, just how many garages sell that? Vegetable oil is the
>>>>motoring equal of Linux. Nice idea but apart from a few cranks it will
>>>>catch on.
>>>Practically all of them it's usually inside in litre plastic bottles. It
>>>costs rather more than the stuff in the pumps but it works quite happily
>>>in a diesel engine.
>>>You really should get out more.
>>>As an aside there's a fascinating set of pages somewhere on the net
>>>about running diesels on used chip oil.
>> I get out plenty thank you. Why don't you give up? No one wants to use
>> Linux, OK Get over it and move on. By the way how many garages sell
>> vegetable oil by the gallon then? Oh and you still have to pay tax on it.
>> You're missing the point. Linux is for a small minority that enjoy fucking
>> around with their computers rather than using them. YOU might take great
>> pleasure (presumably because you're a Billy no mates) sitting around and
>> spending all day getting something to work with Linux, but I don't.
> This is an amusing thread..There are millions of programs for linux..
> the backbone of the internet is Unix/linux... Most of the decent servers
> for your ISP uses linux.. If you do upper graduate work in math
> Astronomy etc.. the programs are there..Also in most linux installs is
> also programs for your PDA. If your just a home bookkeeper and not good
> with computors ..Stay owned by Windows. <snip />. Support
> those that now have the Jobs Americans had... Even Apple now uses a
> native linux system on its newer systems. Right out of the box. By the
> way a Good linux adminstrator or programmer gets top dollar and has
> massive job opportunities. Window certs are dime a dozen. Linux is also
> native for lans, wlan, wans etcTry running a dual boot system for a
> while and see how it gos if your progressive. SUSE linux already has
> the system incorporated for dual boot...You don't need any other
> software... No partition magic and no boot magic...It is all there and
> will load right beside your existing OS. The guy that wrote SiSandra
> while in one of your UK colleges a few years back was a crackerjack
> Unix/Linux man. And SiSandra is made for windows.

You said that amusing is the thread, yet the only amusing thing about it is
the path it has taken. I guess I am partly to blame because I urged the OP
to stick with Palm O/S, which has recently been superseded by or combined
with Linux and will thus integrate well with future desktops.

Best wishes,


PS - baseless statements snipped out.

Roy S. Schestowitz
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