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Re: Linux? What's that? My own survey.

__/ [ zara ] on Saturday 04 March 2006 01:19 \__

> "Thorsten Thigpen" <thorsten.thigpen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:tC5Of.1010$s53.893@xxxxxxxxxxx
>> I'm a CD professional and have been for 23 years and counting. I have seen
>> many systems come and go, Geos, Xerox GEM, OS/2, Desqview and so forth.
>> So now the new kid on the block seems to be Linux.
>> Personally, I think Linux is pretty kool stuff, but the practical side of
>> me says that bobody has even heard about Linux, let alone cares about it.
>> So last week I find myself in NYC and 4 hours early for a meeting with a
>> client.
>> So being the inquisitive person that I am, I drag out my notepad and
>> proceed to to take a survey of people entering and exiting the cafe shop I
>> have planted myself in for the next 2 or 3 hours.
>> Bottom line is I polled over 300 people in 3 hours, 312 to be exact, and
>> the poll was very simple.
>> One question "have you ever heard of Linux", nothing more nothing less.
>> Result was 99.4 percent had never heard of Linux.
>> This is at 48th street and Broadway in NYC, right in the heart of the
>> business world of the USA.
>> Pitiful, but maybe it's just an affirmatation that people just don't care
>> about Linux because they already have Windows.
>> As a check, I asked some of the people if they had ever heard of Windows
>> and 100 percent said yes.
>> So where does that leave pigs knuckle Ak. ?
>> Face the facts, Linux is not known about, not cared for and not even a
>> spec on the average persons radar map.
>> IOW Linux is a dead end.
>> Don't believe it?
>> Set up shop in any mall in the USA on a Sat morning and try the experiment
>> yourself.
> Did you ask about mac?

It's a fake post. Peter has already confirmed it by the headers, which point
to the same trouble maker. If the OP was wise enough to name a number other
than 99.4% (i.e. ~2 out of 300 people heard of Linux), maybe it would be
more believable. Crossposting is another indication of /flashfishism/.

Ignore and move on to the next message.

Best wishes,


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