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Re: Fresh content and community sites?

__/ [ Hymer ] on Friday 03 March 2006 16:25 \__

> Hello,
> I have a site with main landing pages and a blog that points to all the
> landing pages in the site. I have three questions from a SERPs viewpoint
> that relate to each other:
> 1. Is there a benefit to publishing blog articles on a site like
> del.icio.us that point back to a blog? I ask because all of the internal
> delicious pages seem to be PR=0 and I wonder if Google even considers links
> from delicious or sites like it.

It's something I have looked at and raised in the past, the context being


Don't be bitter over it. Spam needs to be prevented. If not using robots.txt,
then using rel="nofollow", which makes pages heavier and gives the wrong
impression to contributers.

> 2. Assume a static landing page. Is there an advantage to posting the
> latest blog article on a landing page in order have "fresh" content?


> 3. There is a Feedburner PHP script that permits the last five blog article
> titles to rotate in a box. Would that count as fresh content for a static
> page and would it benefit SERPs?

Rotation could possibly lead to penalties, if it appears too superficial. You
could have a go and gauge the effect, but unless you experiment carefully
and deal with large numbers, you will never be able to arrive at a

> Thanks,
> Bob

Best wishes,


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