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Re: Fresh content and community sites?

__/ [ Hymer ] on Saturday 04 March 2006 15:54 \__

>>> I have a site with main landing pages and a blog that points to all the
>>> landing pages in the site. I have three questions from a SERPs viewpoint
>>> that relate to each other:
>>> 1. Is there a benefit to publishing blog articles on a site like
>>> del.icio.us that point back to a blog? I ask because all of the internal
>>> delicious pages seem to be PR=0 and I wonder if Google even considers
>>> links
>>> from delicious or sites like it.
>> It's something I have looked at and raised in the past, the context being
>> different.
>> http://del.icio.us/robots.txt
>> Don't be bitter over it. Spam needs to be prevented. If not using
>> robots.txt,
>> then using rel="nofollow", which makes pages heavier and gives the wrong
>> impression to contributers.
>>> 2. Assume a static landing page. Is there an advantage to posting the
>>> latest blog article on a landing page in order have "fresh" content?
>> Yes.
>>> 3. There is a Feedburner PHP script that permits the last five blog
>>> article
>>> titles to rotate in a box. Would that count as fresh content for a static
>>> page and would it benefit SERPs?
>> Rotation could possibly lead to penalties, if it appears too superficial.
>> You
>> could have a go and gauge the effect, but unless you experiment carefully
>> and deal with large numbers, you will never be able to arrive at a
>> conclusion.
> Hi Roy,
> So trying to so something with delicious or flickr would be a waste of time
> from an SEO viewpoint. Too bad. Right?

Yes. They will let nothing 'leak' due to personal motives and the threat of
incentive for spamming. GeoURL (several of them) might be the exception, as
well as Web directories if you quality for inclusion.

> Getting more specific on the other two questions, I have added content from
> my blog on my landing pages. These are two methods that give titles of
> current news articles from the blog. One is a PHP script which you can see
> in the left boxes on a page optimized for "user interface design" at:
> http://www.usernomics.com/user-interface-design.html .
> The second is right on the blog on the right side which is a Feedburner
> script which can be seen at:
> http://www.usernomics.com/news/user-interface-design-news.html .
> While I do rank in the top 5 on Google, do you think either of these are
> helping to show new content each day? Do you see a preference between the
> two?
> Thanks a lot,
> Bob

I get no response (very slow) from the second among the two URL's. I can see
the outcome of the PHP script on the left. It should be crawled and add to
relevance. It also gives the illusion of being dynamic, which helps human
visitors. 'Fresh' content is important, if easily achieved.

[meanwhile, second URL has loaded up fully...]

The second method is less transparent to the human visitor, but it's probably
subjective. Either way, keep employing both unless your intention is to take
the best of the two (or more) and embed it in both sections/sites.

Nice sites, by the way. I will probably re-visit.

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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