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Re: InformationWeek: Why I hate OSS Routing

  • Subject: Re: InformationWeek: Why I hate OSS Routing
  • From: "Larry Qualig" <lqualig@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 3 Mar 2006 21:18:00 -0800
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [ Larry Qualig ] on Friday 03 March 2006 15:38 \__
> >
> > Philip wrote:
> >> I have seen this where I work. Management dreads building up any
> >> internal expertise on non-product activities. They would rather pay for
> >> a complete service.
> >>
> >> Phil
> >>
> >>
> >> <quote>
> > <snip>
> >> </quote>
> I posted about it to the newsgroup on the 27th of February. OSS routing could
> serve as an alternative that would potentially obviate the reliance of Cisco
> and compel them to improve.
> > Often true. Finding the individual bits-and-pieces of technology often
> > isn't the problem. The problem is assembling all these individual
> > components into a cohesive system that works together.
> That's a fallacy that could be generalised and assimilated to Windows,
> databases, content management systems and so forth. You can always identify
> commercial companies like IBM, Red Hat or Novell that will assemble the
> pieces, test them thoroughly, provide installation, support and the like.
> Ultimately, TCO is lower.

I'm not so sure about this last part Roy. Once you bring in IBM, Red
Hat, Accenture, Knightsbridge, etc. as "consultants" to put your pieces
together the consulting fees may end up costing you more that the
20-30% you saved on your purchase cost.

>From my experience the problem with multiple vendors is that everyone
is busy pointing fingers at everyone else. Problem is the DB from
Sybase... Sybase says it's a problem with Java... Sun claims that it's
an OS issue. OS vendor claims its a problem with networking.

That's why it's nice to bring in someone large like IBM, HP, Sun, etc
and have them run the entire project. They are working with their own
(familiar) systems and there's nobody to point the finger at.

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