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Re: Ellison: OSS Needs Big Vendor to Thrive

__/ [ DFS ] on Saturday 04 March 2006 04:31 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> MySQL/PostgreSQL will catch up and take over, in due time.
> Geologic time.
>> Many of us have come to grips with the
>> migration of systems to the Web.
> No doubt about that.  I've been building Access apps for years, but more
> and
> more I'm asked for web apps.  But I've found a great compromise: deploying
> Access apps on a Citrix Server, which is accessed via the Web.  It works
> great.  The users get the nice interface features and excellent reporting
> of Access, along with easy access from home or wherever, and I get a single
> deployment location.
>> What you often find is that Open Source CMS's gain strength
>> because they are powerful and affordable. This is a daunting
>> observation to commercial database vendors, which much like
>> Microsoft, fail to accept the trend, namely a Webward migration.
> http://officelive.microsoft.com/

I  appreciate  a response that's not derogatory or immature. Outlook  Live
version  was  demo'ed  last night, I believe, or is at least  seeing  some
light  for the first time. There is no doubt in the analysts' mind, howev-
er:  Microsoft is rather late to join the party. It plays catchup with Of-
fice-clones  that are Web-based (Zimbra being the prominent Outlook alter-

I  manage my spreadsheets using an Open Source PHP tool and have been very
satisfied  with  it since I began using it. So why look sideways?  Windows
Live  will only offer bloat and will be too expensive to appeal to  users,
even  if  it relies on advertisement estate, which will repel  many  users
while keeping cost down.

How the battle over the Web ends up, we are yet to see. Microsoft is being
pulled  from  their  sheer advantage, which is proximity to  the  desktop.
Portability is costing them and it will show, in due time.

Best wishes,


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