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Re: Ellison: OSS Needs Big Vendor to Thrive

After takin' a swig o' grog, Roy Schestowitz belched out this bit o' wisdom:

> __/ [ DFS ] on Saturday 04 March 2006 04:31 \__
>> No doubt about that.  I've been building Access apps for years, but more
>> and
>> more I'm asked for web apps.  But I've found a great compromise: deploying
>> Access apps on a Citrix Server, which is accessed via the Web.  It works
>> great.  The users get the nice interface features and excellent reporting
>> of Access, along with easy access from home or wherever, and I get a single
>> deployment location.
> How the battle over the Web ends up, we are yet to see. Microsoft is being
> pulled  from  their  sheer advantage, which is proximity to  the  desktop.
> Portability is costing them and it will show, in due time.

I'm not really sure about Web apps.  They're good and bad at the same


      More capable of being cross platform.  I can access my mail,
      online training, and time-sheet using firefox or galeon on Linux.
      Some of this is due to Java.  Some quirks, but it works.

      Easy to tweak or theme the user interface.


      Slow as hell.

      Requires constant human interaction, or timeouts make the app crap
      out (this may be due to programmer error though).

      Prone to needless IE-centric requirements.

Q:  Why does a GNU/Linux user compile his kernel?
A:  Because he can.

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