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Re: The OpenOffice FUD Compaign has Begun

  • Subject: Re: The OpenOffice FUD Compaign has Begun
  • From: "Grug" <grug2005@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 6 Mar 2006 11:57:00 -0800
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/3517/106/
> In a ntshell, OO is said to be 10 years behind.

When you see Office 2007, OO is going to feel a lot more than 10 years

There is also an Office server product, for 'live' applications and
on-demand style applications.  Also, you forgot WSS which is really a
free product but part of Office.
OO looks and feels very old compared to 2003.  Now, with 2007, it's not
even going to be compared.  There simply won't be any comparison.

Don't take it from me though, just wait and see it for yourselves.
I've seen it, and i've seen others that saw it for the first time and
their expressions... and they were like 'whoa - that *is* neat!'

> Why do Microsoft even bother to comment about the competition? I direct the
> question at Larry.

Why do you even bother with questions like these?  Of course MS (and
all other public companies in competition) are going to comment on
their respective competition.  That is *normal*.

The bottom line is this:  Office 2007 is *so far ahead* of OO that it
won't even be worth comparing (except maybe in the funnies section).

I know you linux nuts don't like it - but that's what you get when you
invest billions of dollars into research and development - vs. the
script kiddies that put OO together.

Just face the facts.  OO is great for being free.  Yes, that is
absolutely true.

But it does not and will not compare to Office 2007.

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