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Re: T/E won't turn on or reset

__/ [ Dugie ] on Tuesday 07 March 2006 02:49 \__

> "robnorth" <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:1141691748.428429.133640@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> I've done a bunch of searching, but haven't found a good answer for
>> this.
>> My Tungsten E's power switch has been getting iffy lately, but I've
>> normally just turned it on with one of the other buttons.  ...

*Very* common issue. This has affected every Palm handheld I have owned.

>> ... Now, though,
>> it's been drained completely (kids were playing games on it, drained
>> the battery to Off, then hid it somewhere for a few days).  I've had it
>> charging all day, but it won't turn on.  I've tried every flavour of
>> reset, but it hasn't worked.  I suspect that hard reset hasn't worked
>> because holding the power button down is no guarantee that the unit
>> thinks that the power button is, indeed, down.
>> What alternatives do I have, short of opening the case and jigging with
>> the battery myself?

You got somewhat trapped, I suspect. If I were you, I'd open it up.
Instructions below:

        ( choose a similar model from the list)

>> Thanks!
>> Robert
> On my TE, one of the four connections which secure the power switch to the
> board have become unsoldered. First this caused a similar iffy switch;
> eventually it disabled the switch. This could be your problem. If you
> attempt a repair, be very careful.

...Hand over to a professional if needed. If the unit was recently purchased,
you could perhaps make a compaint about that notorious power switch and get
a replacement. There is no excuse for such persistent bad design. Palm have
already suffered from a class action on the matter of bad capacitors, which
led to data loss in some of the low end M100's.

> BTW, a complete drain of the lith-ion battery is very hard on the battery,
> as you probably know. This is unlikely to have caused your problem, unless
> you've drained it before.

My thoughts exactly. Maybe the kids did more than just empty the battery.

> Best of luck.
> Dugie

Hope it helps and good luck, whatever path you choose.


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