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Re: Synchronizing my Palm question

__/ [ Tony Clark ] on Thursday 09 March 2006 03:12 \__

> "kayla" <afwt_hotmail.com@> wrote in message
> news:hlcu02dk70kjvj6ccj3fha2ns4578d7d90@xxxxxxxxxx
>> The store clerk assured me that I could sync  with this cable.  I
>> looked at a cradle and the cheapest I saw was $46 at Walmart and I am
>> due for a new battery so before I spend too much money on it I'll buy
>> a new one..
>> I had  bought the extended warranty from Staples and in the warranty
>> period I complained that the battey was not holding a charge.  They
>> kept the Palm for a few days and said it was okay.  When I asked about
>> sending it back to the company I was told it was very expensive to do
>> that. Somehow I got the feeling I was being brushed off and I didn't
>> argue which now I wish I had stood my ground. Doesn't the extended
>> warranty cover any repair or replacement?  But that is history.
>> I just tried the cable on my palm and when I tried to sync it is
>> looking for a serial port COM 1.   Don't have a port since I got a new
>> PC.
>> Lori
> I am assuming that your cradle was a USB cradle and not a serial cradle and
> you have been able to sync via USB in the past. That said there were
> reports many, many years ago that some m500 and m505 units had trouble
> synch'ing via USB and Palm replaced them with refurb units. You can do a
> google search for more details.
> As for the message looking for COM1 it sounds like you have HotSync set up
> for local Serial not local USB. You can check this by right clicking on the
> HotSync icon in your Windows (another assumption that you are using
> Windows) task bar (it's the little red and blue circle thingy). You might
> also have older HotSync software that didn't support USB synch so make sure
> you're as up-to-date as possible.
> I will also add that I have had USB charger cables that would not support
> HotSync. I suspect that the reason is that some of the connections were not
> in the cable. A different cable fixed that problem.
> Cheers
> TC

Given the costs at hand, a second-hand unit which is of the same model might
be an easy fix (estimated at 20-50 bucks), even if all you need is the USB
cradle. As suggested, try hosing the software and then give it another go.

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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