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Re: How long before Linux runs on it?

__/ [ Larry Qualig ] on Thursday 09 March 2006 19:27 \__

> Richard G. Riley wrote:
>> "Kier"posted the following on 2006-03-09:
>> >
>> > Saw it on a local news item this evening. Though it looked nice, it also
>> > seemed to be too big to comfortably carry in the hand or put in anything
>> > but a bag or briefcase. And if you can't carry it around in your hand or
>> > pocket, you might has well use a small laptop.
>> >
>> > Anyone know what it's going to cost to buy one of these things, anyway?
>> >
>> It said in the article I originally linked : about 1000 euro.
>> But I agree with you : its an "inbetween" size. Id sooner go for real
>> laptop than yet another obscure power adaptor connected toy which I
>> get bored with after the initial wow factor has worn off. The original
>> palms had the right idea : do minimum well and do it small.
> These sorts of 'tablet' PC's have been around for a while. All this
> time I've only seen a single person actually using a tablet PC. To me
> this looks like another tablet PC, only smaller than the previous ones.

It's a sluggish beast. It must be as disappointing as the Palm LifeDrive,
which takes a long time to 'warm up' (huge thread with flames in the Palm
newsgroups *sigh*). Either way, that unit is so unappealing price-wise and
size-wise, so I doubt even hackers will bother messing about with it:


@Richard, this item which has just been published addresses your original
question. XBox likewise, among pretty much any piece of hardware on the
planet, including the Palm Tungstens, before the Palm OS-to-Linux migration:



Best wishes,


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