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Re: How long before Linux runs on it?

On Thu, 09 Mar 2006 16:35:23 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> The Nokia 770 has been available for almost a year. It is a big seller which
> recently had VoIP added (links on demand). This morning I exchanged notes
> with someone who had apparently ported Tunpaint to the Nokia. It's
> Debian-based, so should be rather rich in terms of the freely-available
> applications. Oh! And it's half the price of the Origami. *smile*

It's also half the SIZE of the origami, and has to have applications
"ported" to it.

The neat thing about the origami is that it runs normal windows programs,
and is in a nice form factor to be both portable, and usable.  The Nokia
770 only has a 4" display with a resolution of 800x480.  The Origami has a
display 7" display with a likely resolution of 1024x768.

The Nokia 770 has a 250Mhz ARM chip, while the Origami has a 1Ghz ULV
(Ultra Low Voltage) Mobile Pentium M.

The Nokia has 64MB of memory, the Origami 1GB, with 40GB hard drive.

It's really more like the OQO than the Nokia, but with a larger screen.

> Microsoft advocates themselves are making fun of the blog-generated hype over
> the Origami. It is no iPod killer. It is no killer at all. It's over-hyped,
> over-advertised DoA.

It may be over hyped, but it's really a good overall device.  No, it's no
iPod killer, since the iPod is just a music device.  And, most importantly,
it's a form factor that makes it usable for both mobile computing (like a
laptop) and a PDA.

It can also play Halo.

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