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Re: SCO Blame Linux for Losses

__/ [ JEDIDIAH ] on Friday 10 March 2006 16:33 \__

> On 2006-03-10, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> ,----[ SCO losses mount up, Linux blamed ]
>>| "SCO chief financial officer Bert Young blamed the sales decline on
>>| competing Linux systems eating away at SCO?s sales base."
>> `----
> Back before the KDE project was started, I took a look at SCO
> with an interest in running Win apps on it via Merge. Despite having
> a free copy of the OS and some demoware of merge, that install didn't
> even last 24 hours. SCO Unix was just too annoying to someone that
> was accustomed to SunOS and Linux.
> Given a choice of a $400 version of Solaris that supported my
> desktop hardware and free SCO, I still would have picked Solaris.
> SCO has been dead man walking for a LONG time.
>> <deletia />

As in real life situations, whilst the dead man walks around, lawyers can
postpone the eventual, inevitable outcome. Sometimes, a third party (shall
we call it "the mafia") with particular interests can bribe the judges and
get the man out of jail. The man is then committed to the mafia and becomes
its puppet.

Best wishes,


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