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Re: Desperate to get found on Google

__/ [ Jez ] on Friday 10 March 2006 17:29 \__

> Catherine Milton wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've had my site now for about 5 years, and I've been working on it all
>> that
>> time.  About 10 months ago I started with SEO and links.  I bought WebCEO
>> and I've been working on this site ever since, but there has been no
>> increase in relevent traffic.
>> Can anyone tell me how to get myself more recognised?  I need to earn some
>> money, and it just isn't happening through the website!
>> Catherine
>> ==Not nuts, just a little eccentric==
>> www.africanbush.co.za
>> African Bush Tours and Safaris
>> P O Box 232, Rouxville, 9958, South Africa
>> Tel (+27) 051 663-0170 or Mobile (+27) 082 490-5485
> Hi Catherine,
> More links is the real key. Links from relevant sites. Find who links to
> your competitors and ask them to link to you.
> Your linking structure could be better also to make better use of what
> you have. Change the home link on all pages to South African Tours Home
> or whatever you would like to target on the main page and see if you can
> get people to link to the main page with those keywords in the title
> like this:
> <a href="www.africanbush.co.za">South African Tours</A>
> This might help in some way - but you need more links, links, links!
> Didn't have much time to look in depth - hopefully someone else will
> have more details for you.
> Good luck with it!
> Jez.

I'll probably be pulling this statement very arbitrarily, at a very arbitrary
moment. Yet, the discussion above struck a nerve, so I hope to get a a
certain message across to Catherine.

<rant>Is it just me who is disturbed by the idea that sites without inbound
links don't count whereas those that get them artificially flourish? Many
have said this before, but it's probably worth repeating. Where has fairness
gone? The search enGine, probably pre-occupied with self-defence mechanisms
(due to spam) discriminates against a /huge/ majority of the Web and urges
Webmasters to waste their time 'link hunting'.</rant>

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