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Re: Domain name class

__/ [ Borek ] on Wednesday 22 March 2006 13:29 \__

> On Wed, 22 Mar 2006 12:16:24 +0100, Mr. Polzek <paul69uk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> I am going to launch a new website but I am stuck at choosing the domain
>> name class.
>> .com, .co.uk, .net etc. are already taken, so I am considering going for
>> .info or .org.
>> Could you explain if there are any restrictions on classes and kinds of
>> websites that can be subscribed to them?
> None. com, net, org and biz are in general meaningless (although it is
> better to try to select logically if possible).

What Borek said! In an ideal world, domain suffix should tell something about
the site and impose a logical hierarchy. In practice, sites and businesses
evolve. Take Craigslist for example. It started as non-profit and later
became *for*-profit.

> No idea about edu and gov registration, probably these are somehow
> restricted so that not everyone can register, but even with these
> sometimes complete idiots are making decisions. Primary school in Poland
> is abbreviated sp (Szkola Podstawowa). In many cities there is more then
> one school so they are numbered. Now some idiot registered school from
> Warsaw as sp114.edu.pl - as if there was only one 114th school in Poland.
> There is a domain waw.edu.pl and the correct address should be
> sp114.waw.edu.pl. But there are idiots everywhere.

Certain parts of the namespace cannot be abused as they are hard to apply
for. Educational and governmental sites are prime examples.

>> And the last question, how does domain name class affect SEO? As far as
>> I've
>> learnt so far, .edu is given the highest status, .org are given high
>> status,
>> .com are lower status are plenty of spam sites use it. My source
>> recommends
>> .info as it is quite ne domain name class.
> edu and gov are probably out of reach, others are equal IMHO.

I agree. There will be no discrimination, but localised suffix such as co.uk
can boost your ranking in the UK and have you included in a localised
search. It provides a clue, which the host's address does not necessarily
provide, let alone metadata and markup which are open to misuse. Having said
that, I know Americans who bought domains in other countries (or even exotic
islands), so it's open to misuse.

>> What's your opinion? If I can choose between .org and .info for a
>> commercial site, which one would you recommend?
> I would go for info (or biz), as org is 'reserved' not for commercial
> venues but for organizations.

.biz, .com, or .co.<COUNTRY_SUFFIX> (and exceptions like .de)


Hope it helps,


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