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Re: Email on Palm tx

__/ [ Ruben Keestra ] on Wednesday 22 March 2006 10:32 \__

>> I suspect *that* is the case. I haven't much experience with mail on the
>> Palm
>> (only used it in 2002-2003, Palm Mail). Set your POP3 connection to leave
>> messages on the server after fetching if this proves to be a pain.
>> Multiple
>> separate accounts for mailing lists are my personal preference when
>> handling
>> mail. If not, server-side filters (as opposed to Outlook -- client side)
>> should do the trick.
> Thanks Roy,
> I think this is the way to go. For the momen I can read my mail on my Palm,
> but I think Palm can learn something from the pocket pc's in this area. But
> I'm still happy with the Palm!
> Ruben

They are moving (have partially moved already) to Linux, so development has
been dormant for the past year or two. Don't dispair. Great code from
SourceForge will come our way soon. Think Thunderbird for Palm O/S, or maybe
a compact version of Evolution. Also 'shop around' for other mail clients
for Palm O/S. There are many in existence. May the Source be with us.

Best wishes,

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