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Re: SUSE 10 sound, but no video

__/ [ Jim Adamthwaite ] on Wednesday 22 March 2006 15:56 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ Jim Adamthwaite ] on Wednesday 22 March 2006 13:51 \__
>>> Kaffeine, Mplayer, Noatun, Codeine all play a movie's sound track while
>>> showing a blank black screen.
>> Is this observation based on just one movie? Is the file type and codec
>> the same for all movies? Have you yet installed the needed codecs,
>> assuming an arcane or proprietary codec is needed?
> In response to your response, I tried all players with a variety of .mpg's
> & .mov's.  I then played a short .avi file & Kaffeine "came good", playing
> not the file I had just navigated to, but a segment from NASA's tv on the
> web site.  I had attempted to view NasaTv 2 days ago.
> It seems like something locked up at that time (first attempted use after
> SUSE installation), and that the simple .avi file "nudged something".
> Player summary:
> Kaffeine now plays .avi .mpg .rm .rmm quite well.
> Codeine plays black screen to all.
> Mplayer now reports "Error opening/initialising the selected video_out
> (-vo)
> device." for all file formats.  Sounds like engine trouble.
> Noatun plays a black screen & does something crazy with its playlist.
> Thanx for the incisive question, it did me a power of good.

__/ [ Jim Adamthwaite ] added on Wednesday 22 March 2006 16:25 \__

> Oops, spoke 2 soon.
> Noatun started playing everything, all others = black screen with sound.
> (10 mins later) Noatun now plays black screen too.
> This requires some careful fault sequence head-scratching.
> Q: Are playlists becoming AI smart to the point of playing what they want,
> rather than what you select from a file menu?

I have come across similar issues in Windows XP (not my own computer), in
case it gives you any satisfaction. I personally just use Kaffeine in SuSE
9.3; nothing else. It has worked fine 'out of the box' if I recall
correctly, but I had to install some codecs to enable support of a wider
range of formats. It was a simple double-click jobs that involved installing
RPM files.

Have a look at Packman and the multimedia pack under YaST (software
installation). Maybe adding some missing codecs will kick your system back
into sanity (or at least a healthier state). Once you get it sorted out the
first time, it will be hassle-free. Do some Web search on multimedia in
SuSE. There are many extensive guides and packages that are painless to

Best wishes,


PS - I hope someone other than me will provide some input which is more
helpful. I'm just doing the best I can...
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