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Re: On Dogpile but not Ask.com

__/ [ Gymdandy@xxxxxxxxx ] on Thursday 23 March 2006 05:00 \__

> About a week ago I was showing someone how easy it is to take a domain
> and put up a webpage. I wrote a very simple HTML code, no links nothing.
> Just a background gif, a logo gif, a few words and a mailto: Gif
> Anyway today for some reason I was in Dogpile and typed the site name in
> Minus the .com and the site showed up under Dogpile. (Ranked 7th out of
> 12)
> Dogpile says "as found on ASK.com."
> So I went to ASK.com and put in the same keyword. And nothing came up
> So how did it show up on Dogpile but not ASK, if Dogpile says it was
> found on ASK.
Hi Gymdandy,

Dogpile.com accumulate results from many search engines, much like
Webcrawler, among many others. The results are often a (re-)sorted assembly
or results with duplicates removed.

As to Ask, I am aware of front ends like Big.com, which use Ask results if
not just harvest them and then do further processing. The bottom line is
this: do not treat search engines that are merely using services as a
transparent glass. They can do whatever they desire to distinguish
themselves from others and claim to be unique (supposedly' better').

Best wishes,


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