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Re: One Database - Two computers (in an office)

Thank you, Roy.  I guess I do not speak the same language as Baxter.

To Roy or anyone else, here is a scenario with questions.
I appears I can, after the Desktop installation, move or relocate the 
manager's calendar to a Network drive/share.  I would then like to install 
the Desktop software on the secretary's computer and point the calendar to 
the same share point.  But the desktop software will not let me do that 
because there is already a calendar there.

So here is my question:  Where in either an .INI file and/or in the registry 
and elsewhere, can I manually change the location of the calendar on the 
secretary's machine so she does not have to go through the copy back and 
forth thing?  I would imagine the same holds true that only one person can 
open and manipulate/sync the calendar at a time.


"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [ Baxter ] on Thursday 23 March 2006 01:47 \__
>> "~~Alan~~" <alan.shepro-NOSPAM@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:Y6gUf.14580$gD4.6660@xxxxxxxxxxx
>>> We have a user with a Palm Pilot who currently syncs without problems to
>>> his
>>> computer (a PC running WinXP).  His secretary would like to be able to
>>> access the database on his computer from hers.  Is this possible and 
>>> how?
>>> Thank you,
>>> ~alan
>> What database?  Palms normally don't sync with any database.  You need to
>> clarify.
> I believe the OP is referring to data /files/. Just a matter of wrong
> terminology being used. This was discussed before.
> http://schestowitz.com/UseNet/2005/November_2005_1/msg00178.html
> There are many similar discussions, so you can search the Web to find 
> more.
> With kind regards,
> Roy
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