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Re: Micrsooft Employees Ashamed of Vista

__/ [ Robert Newson ] on Thursday 23 March 2006 20:40 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> ...
>> | ? Here's the way out: MS should swallow real hard, ante up half of what
>> | they blew on Longwind, and buy an OS X license from Apple. That would be
>> | about $10B up-front, and a hefty royalty. MS would have to assume the
>> | burden of making it run on all the crapbox PCs out there, which have had
>> | all the quality squeezed out of them, due to MS's having sucked up the
>> | lion's share of the profit from all PCs for the last 20 years or so.
>> | The benefit is that MS could finally ship a securable OS, and the
>> | users wouldn't have to lose countless hours trying to work around
>> | the malware. Meanwhile, the only semi-competent part of the company,
>> | the Mac Business Unit, would take the lead in Apps development.
> Shhhh...not so loud, billwg will hear the MS employees (allegedly) praising
> OSS[1].
> [1] OS X is based on BSD, isn't it?

Darwin, which is a BSD or GNU 'relative'/derivative as far as I know. I
suspect I am confusing it with Newton though. Whatever...

The quotes are Mac-inclined because they come from a Machead's site. But I am
rather definite that all are genuine. I heard site in question mentioned
before. It shows how rotten things truly are inside the campus.

Best wishes,


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