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Re: Pages taking time to appear on Google

__/ [ happyads@xxxxxxxxxxx ] on Friday 24 March 2006 10:27 \__

> Hi
> We have a swiss Ads website:
> http://www.happyads.ch
> The problem we seem to have is the time the individual Ad pages take to
> appear on Google. Once they are there they usually seem to be well
> positioned (at least for Switzerland) but the fact they take on average
> about a week to appear on Google is a problem.
> We thought that by using a Google Sitemap and setting the "changefreq"
> to daily and the "priority" to 1 would mean that the pages would appear
> immediately but that's not the case.
> How could we improve this? If we had a higher PR would this get better?


Getting spidered is one thing. Appearing in the indices across all
datacentres is another. While you could lower the latency on the former
(e.g. XML site maps, pinging services), you could rarely ever affect the
latter factor. The only exception I can think of are news services. That is
why, whenever I seek a piece of information that was published a few days
ago, I use Google/Yahoo News without hesitance.

> By the way if anyone (with car, motorbike, real estate, holiday or job
> websites) is interested in exchanging links with us we would be
> interested.

I have no car, I have no motorbike, I own no house, I have not taken a
vacation since Christmas and I recently resigned from a job. Can I /still/
get a link please? Just in humorous spirit... *smile*

Hope it helps,


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