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Re: Microsoft: Schools Fail to Teach Computing

__/ [ Paul Hovnanian P.E. ] on Friday 24 March 2006 21:00 \__

> You think schools are bad, I've seen articles in periodicals (like Dr.
> Dobbs) where a (supposed) s/w professional 'demonstrates' some complex
> data structure or algorithm by writing a demo program that calls a
> Microsoft API which encapsulates (i.e. hides) all the details.
> Microsoft is encouraging the development of s/w engineers that know
> nothing more than how to drag and drop pre written components (created
> in India, no doubt) into some development tool.
This is similar to the arguments (and critique) that are associated with
WYSIWYG paradigms for Web design.

Option 1: Launch a (decent) text editor, write content, then markup
Option 2: Use a WYSIWYG toolkit (the 'pixel perfect' assumption), then
generate/save as HTML. Open output in text editor to clean up and mend (or
re-write from scratch).

The Web began with editors like VIM for authoring. The next, highly-flawed
generation was WYSIWYG-based design and IE-only coding, which is not
standards compliant (interpretation embedded in closed-source, proprietary
code). The latest paradigm which everyone (who has a clue or can afford)
uses nowadays are content management systems, which are just a nice
front-end to a rudimentary text editor.

Best wishes,

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