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Re: outgoing links weight

__/ [ Stacey ] on Friday 24 March 2006 23:36 \__

> "Borek" <m.borkowski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:op.s6xrfafb26l578@xxxxxxxx
>> On Fri, 24 Mar 2006 21:21:53 +0100, Roy Schestowitz
>> <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> In other words - is it possible to link to my competition to improve
>>>> position of my page, but not helping the competition?
>>> What about human visitors? Are you sure you want to do that or is this
>>> question hypothetical? If you want to link to your competition, your best
>>> bet is renting some space to Google AdSense. It's JavaScript, so it
>>> doesn't count. But what about human visitors...?
>> Well, I have a slightly grey SEO idea :)

How grey? On the scale [0,1]...

>> Imagine you visit the page that starts (in its upper part) with the
>> information that is interesting to you - ie it is good ole content with
>> KWs put here and there. Let's say - site is about gold fish, and what you
>> see in upper part is 10 phrases about most popular types - perfect info
>> you are looking for, with interesting links to other parts of the site -
>> feeding, prices, whatever.
>> Now, below starts fineprint - with smaller (but not hidden - completely
>> readable) text, that is also on subject, but boring. Something like "In
>> the ancient China, in the times of the Pig-Pong dynasty, Liu-Shit-Eat, son
>> of Whole-In-Head, eat first gold-fish and was decapitated by his uncle..."
>> You read first two phrases and you think - no, that's not what I am
>> looking for - but you have earlier seen in the upper part links to other
>> parts of the site, so you follow the without reading to the end. This
>> boring text contains the gold fish KW, adding to the page value in terms
>> of SEO, and ends with a phrase or two containing links to the pages of
>> your competition on gold fish - but nobody follows these links, as nobody
>> reads the fineprint.


>> That's what I call a "practical psychology" ;)

That's what I would call "impractical authoring". Then again, magazine do it
all the time with glossy-paper, colour adverts.

>> Net effect - longer text, more keywords, hardly breach of any rules, links
>> that push me up in SERPs - just I don't like the idea of pushing up also
>> my competition, that's why I am thinking about the nofollow.

What about the near-sighted? And where is your respect for the fish?

> I see nothing wrong with it. Thing is I am not knowing it the text will
> count as anchor weight or as just regular keywords that you just would
> write in content. I am thinking if the link don't count then the text would
> be jsut plain text. Does that make sense? Anchor text of course helps on
> page also as well as anchor coming in.

<p>Fiasco, disappointment, golden fish <a href="mycompetition.org">toilet
paper</a>, why are you still reading this anyway?</p>

Best wishes,


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