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Re: Microsoft Copy Bugzilla

__/ [ Roy Culley ] on Saturday 25 March 2006 13:10 \__

> begin  risky.vbs
> <halff3-nff.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> Mark Kent <mark.kent@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> begin  oe_protect.scr
>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>> __/ [ Roy Culley ] on Friday 24 March 2006 19:06 \__
>>> Erik,  you have become a real nuisance as well as a burden to this 
>>> group.
>>> If  you need to communicate with people, I suggest a foster family or
>>> per-
>>> haps  some  of the Windows newsgroups, which are evidently plagued by 
>>> you mate, Kadaitcha Man.
>>> Windows  is  collapsing. Microsoft knows it. The media knows it. There 
>>> is
>>> little  effort  done at denying this. A 4-year delay for Longhorn 
>>> (Office
>>> delays  too),  flow of critical patches on a weekly basis, top 
>>> executives
>>> dodging  to Google, UNISYS and Apache head predicting the death of
>>> commer-
>>> cial   software,   executives  and  programmers  tossed  from   one  
>>> team
>>> (=burning/sinking  ship)  to  another, 60% of code needs to  be 
>>> re-worked
>>> within  months, lacking testing periods for production candidates,
>>> govern- ments and companies break contracts with Microsoft, PC's made
>>> dual-boot or
>>> non-Windows,  EU suing Microsoft and forcing compliance and the list 
>>> goes
>>> on  and  on. I am not even mentioning the positive factors that drive 
>>> the
>>> competition  forward,  perpetually so at Microsoft's expense. I  will 
>>> not even allude to the issue of FUD and brainwash.
>>> If you still want to vent frustration owing to consumption of your past
>>> 8+
>>> years  spreading  FUD,  perhaps you should take your  'pearls  of 
>>> wisdom'
>>> eelsewhere  -- either a relevant newsgroup or your own personal blog. 
>>> You
>>> have  a  domain with Apache, right? Use it. Blogging software on  LAMP 
>>> is free, *even* to a snake like yourself.
>> He's gone from backing the winning team to backing the losing one,
>> he started in the amiga groups, microsoft ones and dropped into OS2
>> groups to slag it off, and then started dropping into the linux area
>> to slag it off.
>> Interestingly, as his Windows gravy train dries up, he'll have to
>> move to Linux anyway.  Wonder where he'll go then?
> I don't think Erik can manage that. Look at the problems he has had
> installing Linux when for others it is a piece of cake. Erik is all
> talk but little to no substance. I should say all lies and FUD with
> little to no substance.

For all I can tell, he is a Webmaster who is sick and bored of his daytime
job. So, aggravating some groups *could* make him a centre of attention, for
all the wrong reasons. I refuse to play along his script, so I no longer
reply to him. Others reply whenever he becomes a drama queen or states
out-of-the-FUD-book lies, which are damaging if left unfalsified in the

I'd like to push in a little addendum: I think a point worth making is that
Microsoft are learning from the Open Source development model. By embracing
it, they immediately acknowledge its value and endorse such tactics.
Allowing the end-user to submit wishlist items *and* keep track of progress
(as opposed to blind E-mails and contact forms) is something they will never
get right because there is no access to the source code. You want binaries?
No? That's the end of the relationship.

Best wishes,


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