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Re: ajaxWrite Threatens Microsoft Word (Live)

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
Bye Bye Microsoft Word, Hello ajaxWrite


This joins the various Office productivity applications (notably OpenOffice)
and Google's latest acquisition.

I tried this out Friday and was pretty impressed with it.

I do think that making apps with a mixed load on client and server is the way things are going all around.

However, I am sold on the rich/client(java):smart/client(.net) paradigm and I see, after 10 years of server side application advances, the pendulum swinging to client side.

The thing that people aren't talking about much is "manipulation". Although I and other advocates poo-poo Vista, I think that Microsoft has been making good moves in the direction of trying to provide a highly manipulative rich desktop...with scripts and xml that can tap into high level structures of the GUI and OS. Although Linux has that now and has had it to some extend (XML gui building).

I guess what I'm saying is that delivering massive amounts of client side code, as long as it there to provide manipulation and be manipulated is no longer a bad thing to me.

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