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Re: Can linking to my other (non-related) sites hurt

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 

>>> If you have a successful site about widgets, where thousands of links
>>> (majority internal) are related to and using (the term) widgets, is
>>> there any evidence that putting a few dozen links up under the heading
>>> "other sites by me" that have absolutely nothing to do with
>>> widgets
>>> may be detrimental to SEO?

>> I don't think such evidence exists. Besides, it is a common practice. 
>> Just
>> don't go overboard and don't add it to your site's template, and you'll 
>> be
>> all right. If very concerned, simply add those links to "About Us" page
>> only. Just to get the search engines bots humming and not so much for PR
>> distribution.

> Think about Web designers that build sites on vampires (example from AWW,
> earlier today) and link back to the Webmaster from every page. The links 
> are
> not related to the theme of the pages and are perhaps irrelevant, yet they
> convey a certain relationship and should not justify a penalty.

My opinions are along the same lines. It could be beneficial for both the 
Internet visitor and the search engine to have a few keyphrase agendas 
cross-linking. My thinking is that together they could create a more complex 
and unified group particularly when one web site serves as the index of it 
all. I am testing this at the moment. At first glance this theory may sound 
somewhat contrary to the standard opinions regarding PR distribution but is 
in fact complimentary to those perspectives. I sharpened my pencil and have 
done the math.

I would not suggest to bleed one web site of all it's importance so as to 
acknowledge the importance of other web sites, rather I would suggest you 
attempt a "spread the wealth around" approach. To me, this is a better way 
whereas if on one web site you choose to create 20 outbound links then from 
some of those outbound sites find ways to return 20 or so back. One for one. 
Two for two...

in best regards,
( ethical SEO issues and basic search engine marketing stuff ) 

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