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Re: 10-headed Linux Setup Saves Libraries

Roy Schestowitz blithely blithered
> __/ [ ray ] on Tuesday 28 March 2006 16:59 \__
>> On Tue, 28 Mar 2006 05:42:16 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> http://www.cio.com/archive/031506/tl_library.html
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | That was before Richmond implemented DiscoverStation, offered by
>>> | Calgary, Canada-based Userful. DiscoverStation uses one Linux desktop
>>> | to power up to 10 workstations, leaving only monitors, keyboards,
>>> | floppy drives and mice subject to public torture.
>>> `----
>>>                 http://www.cio.com/archive/031506/tl_library.html
>> We're due to have one of their four head systems installed at the Portneuf
>> District Library in Idaho. This follows on the successful deployment of
>> Mandrake Linux on the public access internet computers last year - a VERY
>> successful deployment, I might add. No complaints in over a year, and a
>> recent customer satisfaction survey showed universal acceptance and
>> revealed that several patrons were unaware they were not running MS.
>                                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Is this /truly/ the test for success? It leaves me with a bad taste in the
> mouth.

No, not IMO anyways. It is however inroads to a widespread attitude that
computers = MS. If the populace doesn't notice the difference, education
may begin because curiousity can be sparked. I ran a similar experiment
in an internet cafe in 2002 using KDE on four stations. Mant people
didn't realise they were using Linux until the urge to plat
counterstrike came over them.

> Here at the Student Halls we deployed Windows terminals to handle the simple
> task of running a browser with a Web form to serve as a communication
> gateway. Needless to mention, the machines crash quite often (leading to
> plenty of trouble as they only get manned the following day) and are a pain
> to maintain (updates, cleanups and other types of drek on a platter).

I have a system of backup and redeployment using BASH scripts and Samba.
Unfortunately it only works on fat32 filesystems. I'd be happy to share
the system I used if you think it would help in your work.

Isn't this my STOP?!

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