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Re: Contemplating a Cuttlet

__/ [ canadafred ] on Thursday 30 March 2006 20:16 \__

> Hello
> When discussion the NOFOLLOW, Matt commented ".. if you sell links, you
> should mark them with the nofollow tag. Not doing so can affect your
> reputation ..."
> http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/q-a-thread-march-27-2006/

* Google 'invent' rel="nofollow"

* Other crawlers follow suit

* Google require the use of rel="nofollow"

* Google penalise for no use of rel="nofollow"

* Without crawlers obeying the route, why would anyone buy/sell links

Conclusion: Google created rel="nofollow" to supposedly save the world from
spam. The effectiveness (or lack thereof) of this mechanism should be
addressed in its own right. Either way, has a hidden agenda has been
revealed? Lo and behold! Google snuck in a mechanism to eradicate link farms
and end manipulation of perceived site status. How convenient.

> I don't remember reading any discussions about this. Am I'm right to think
> as reputation being something to be earned by gaining confidence and
> credibility from the search engine? I think I can understand how reputation
> increases over time by offering the search engine and the visitor
> continuous quality, evolving content that proves friendly to both and gets
> recommended by established web sites of similar interests.

It's quite ridiculous if you go by the hypothesis that any exchange of links
is either part of business or mutual honour. Developer builds site for
client, then clients acknowledges with a link (=business). 'Sister site'
finds an irrelevant site of interest and makes a recommendation, which might
receive a kind, uncalled-for reward in return (=respect).

> Do I understand this correctly? Is there more to this Cuttlet that I'm
> missing?

Maybe it's a scare factor. Like that move they made with BMW. They could have
selected a pair among a million sites to be the scapegoat. What better
victim than vanity drivers?

Best wishes,


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