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Re: Using KNode 0.7.2, Wondering What Else is Out There

* Roy Schestowitz wrote in news.software.readers:
> __/ [ SINNER ] on Thursday 30 March 2006 17:30 \__


> I  understand  what  you say and filtering is *precisely* the  weak  spot,
> which  I suspected needed an uplift. When the Mandriva/Linux "Dan C"  mail
> floods  began,  many came to realise that KNode filters had no  handle  on
> headers  that  served as good discriminants.

Most of the people involved in those threads do not nym shift. Knode
should have been able to handle that. Once the thread denigrates to that
level you should just kill the whole thread anyway, there is rarely
anything to be gained at that point, except entertainment or stomach
acid, depending on your side of the 'debate' ;)

> I use filters differently  at
> the  moment.  I highlight my own messages,

Why? This is a popular discussion in here. Wouldn't you rather highlight
_responses_ to your posts rather then your own? I mean, you wrote them

> as well as short messages  (<10
> lines) 


> and  GG messages (Yuk!).

Why highlight them? Why not kill them so you don't have to see them at

> I do nothing beyond this, but I  probably
> should. Out of sight is out of mind.

You will know if you need more than that. 

> As  regards  binaries, I happen to participate in no group  that  'trades'
> these. If any attachments ever come up, it is most likely spam.

Based on everything you've stated so far, and what seems like a
preference to stay away from CLUE (Command Line User Env) based
applications I would recommend you stay with Knode. Have you looked a
Thunderbird or Sylpheed Claws? Both GUI based and something you might
enjoy for a change.

>> In here many of us tend to be a bit whory when it comes to newsreaders so
>> many of us have a multitude installed at any one time. I'd suggest you do
>> the same and see what appeals to you. There are dozens available.

> Well, I use the reader just about as often as the Web browser. Why not get
> a broader scope and be confident about the tool used?

Because I frequent this group and if I didn't do those things I could not
really give a good overall view. I could sit here and pimp slrn to you
all day. IMO, nothing beats it. In Windows it's Xnews and in *nix
its slrn but I load up many more and test them out because, well its
fun. I know, I must be a pretty boring guy ;)

> Just imagine that my
> first UseNet messages were despatched from rusty OE.

Which for most peoples selfish needs, works fine. Unfortunately Usenet
is a community though and it isn't always about ME ME ME and in the wrong
hands OE wreaks havoc. It can be tamed however.

>> Let me be the first to recommend slrn and while we are at it why not
>> throw in a local server (Leafnode) for good measure. I would suggest
>> going with the 2.x branch.

> The command line scares me due to usability matters. 

But you are typing right now. Its not like you have to type a bunch of
cryptic commands while you are using the application, and if you MUST use
the mouse, slrn allows for that.

> I find it hard to be-
> lieve  that effective interaction can be achieved without pointing devices

WOW, and yet you use Linux? an Unusual stance and far from accurate. If
your hands have to leave the keyboard, where they spend most of their
time, how can removing your hand from it be more effective? Especially
if a simple keystroke will do what you need. Don't give me the 'I am
too old to memorize the keystrokes line' we aint no young
whippersnappers in here :)

> and  'modifiability'. To me, CLI-based readers remain off bounds.

They are more modifiable by they lay-user than just about any comparable
GUI only based application, as that is their nature.

> The only
> merit  I  can think of is access via SSH/Telnet with a slow connection  or
> without X-server (notably Windows).

You've much to learn Grasshopper :)

English literature's performing flea.
		-- Sean O'Casey on P.G. Wodehouse

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