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Re: Using KNode 0.7.2, Wondering What Else is Out There

__/ [ SINNER ] on Thursday 30 March 2006 17:30 \__

> * Roy Schestowitz wrote in news.software.readers:
>> First proper message to this newsgroup, so please be polite and
>> gentle. *smile*
>> I have been using the same newsreader for a very long time. I am still
>> using KDE 3.1 (with Knode 0.7.2), which I believe dates back to 2002
>> or 2003. Can any KNode buff please tell me what the latest of KNode
>> has to offer? I have KDE 3.4 installed at home, so I could access that
>> newer version of KNode, via SSH, having migrated all the settings.
>> Here are the reasons for my reluctance/dilemma:
>>         * KNode appears admirably (almost unbelievably) stable over
>>         here on KDE 3.1. I rarely hear about similar experiences in
>>         the other newsgroups where KNode is sometimes described as
>>         "fragile".
>>         * I seem to have all functionality available -- anything I
>>         have ever come across anyway, including good filtering. The
>>         only other application I ever lust for is Pan, but I don't
>>         know it reasonably well. I know it from afar.
>> I guess what it all boils down to is the following question. Should I
>> consider leaving a fully-functional and stable KNode 0.7.2 in favour
>> of a different reader or a newer version of KNode? Is there any
>> compelling reason for doing so? I post over 1,000 messages a month, so
>> investment of time in transition (setup, learning) is not an issue. I
>> am very willing to explore.
> Not to dis Knode or anything...
> While it may be 'stable' it lacks function in a couple of areas. It would
> seem however, since you didn't mention those areas, that they have not
> affected your opinion of the application, which is fine. If it does what
> you need, don't poke the skunk.
> Unless its changed recently, multipart binaries are not doable. Filters
> have some decent features but it lacks a robust score feature. It is not
> really configureable beyond some basic options. If you use it for text
> only groups and dont read a lot of groups where you might need some fancy
> scoreing, then you can stick with it.

I  understand  what  you say and filtering is *precisely* the  weak  spot,
which  I suspected needed an uplift. When the Mandriva/Linux "Dan C"  mail
floods  began,  many came to realise that KNode filters had no  handle  on
headers  that  served as good discriminants. I use filters differently  at
the  moment.  I highlight my own messages, as well as short messages  (<10
lines)  and  GG messages (Yuk!). I do nothing beyond this, but I  probably
should. Out of sight is out of mind.

As  regards  binaries, I happen to participate in no group  that  'trades'
these. If any attachments ever come up, it is most likely spam.

> In here many of us tend to be a bit whory when it comes to newsreaders so
> many of us have a multitude installed at any one time. I'd suggest you do
> the same and see what appeals to you. There are dozens available.

Well, I use the reader just about as often as the Web browser. Why not get
a broader scope and be confident about the tool used? Just imagine that my
first UseNet messages were despatched from rusty OE.

> Let me be the first to recommend slrn and while we are at it why not
> throw in a local server (Leafnode) for good measure. I would suggest
> going with the 2.x branch.

The command line scares me due to usability matters. I find it hard to be-
lieve  that effective interaction can be achieved without pointing devices
and  'modifiability'. To me, CLI-based readers remain off bounds. The only
merit  I  can think of is access via SSH/Telnet with a slow connection  or
without X-server (notably Windows).

Best wishes and many thanks,


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