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Re: IBM to Pay for Switch to Linux

On 2006-03-31, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> posted something concerning:
> __/ [ Tim Smith ] on Friday 31 March 2006 07:03 \__
>> In article <22ZWf.61985$6%2.12578@trnddc08>,
>>  "Mathew P." <Mathew@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hi Roy
>>> I have read the last few news articles that you posted, and
>>> enjoyed them. Very informative. Thanks for taking the time.
>> Only two people have made it into my killfile, but Roy is close, because
>> of all those news articles.  Nearly every one of them is something that
>> any reasonably well-read geek will have already seen.
>> Roy has some useful and interesting stuff to say, when he's giving his
>> opinions, so I wish he'd post the news using a different identity, so I
>> could easily killfile the news posts and leave the rest of his posts.
> What if I prepended (News) or added a header to make it possible
> distinguish/filter? Propose something and I'll happily do it.

Do whatever you think is approriate. If someone doesn't like it, they
can take whatever action they need to correct it on their end.

I appreciate the posts. I don't always read them, or much of them. But
I do read enough that I find them worthwhile.

I can't say the same about everyone.

A guy calling himself Daeron used to post a lot of interesting things.
But he sometimes posted with a madeup subject line (often as trollbait,
perhaps). That oftentimes headed off into a discussion about Daeron and
his posting habits instead of the meat of the post.

Another guy who changes his moniker around sometimes likes to post just
enough to

I can live with something that breaks off paragraphs in the middle. The
gist of the paragraph can be gathered without everything in it being
present. Just as long as the meaning isn't altered by the snipping, I'm
OK with that. But this guy like(d|s) to break them off in the middle of
sentences, often in places where it's impossible to know what's
intended without pullung up the browser to look (usually finding it
wasn't worth pulling up the browser to look).

In your case I can decided to read all of them, none of them or just
pick and choose. If that becomes a chore for someone (including me),
they can decide how to deal with that in their own situation.

If you think adding a header is best, do it. Otherwise I wouldn't worry
too much about someone being bugged by something that is clearly not a
problem to the majority of people.

If Bill Gates had a penny for every time a Windows box
crashed....Oh, wait a minute, he already does.

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