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Re: Textbooks on OpenOffice.org Published

__/ [ B Gruff ] on Friday 31 March 2006 17:50 \__

> "An increasing number of schools in the U.S. and worldwide are using and
> teaching OpenOffice.org................"
> "Visibooks has published four new textbooks on the programs that make up
> the OpenOffice.org 2.0 office suite: Base, Calc, Impress, and Writer. The
> titles are The Visibooks Guide to Base 2.0, The Visibooks Guide to Calc
> 2.0, The Visibooks Guide to Impress 2.0, and The Visibooks Guide to Writer
> 2.0"
> "Visibooks were created as part of a U.S. Department of Education research
> study"
> http://www.linuxelectrons.com/article.php/20060329104106859
> Well now, THERE is something to cheer up Bill Gates et al at the end of a
> trying week:-)

I thought it would be relevant to add that a book on Ubuntu was published
under a month ago. When a book on Open Source software/project is published,
it indicated that it has gone mainstream. More recent books: Drupal,
WordPress, phpBB (on building on-line communities). This may be another
source of revenue, alongside support. That said, literature can be said to
be a form of support.


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