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Re: [News] Italian Bank Moves to Linux

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> Italian Bank Deploys Red Hat Enterprise Linux Across Desktops and 
> Servers
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Red Hat announced that BPU Banca, the operational parent bank of the
> | group Banche Popolari Unite, has chosen to implement Red Hat
> | Enterprise Linux across its desktops and servers.
> `----
>                                http://in.sys-con.com/read/214158.htm


Once again, linus strikes at the bread and butter of the Unix biz!  To 

"The bank is migrating all of its 8,000 UNIX workstation clients to Red 
Hat Desktop. In this project BPU Banca will replace Sun hardware with 
Intel-based PCs to achieve combined hardware and software cost savings 
of about 50%.

The migration of its systems from UNIX to Red Hat Enterprise Linux also 
delivers vendor independence for both hardware and software, assuring 
BPU Banca greater flexibility when implementing infrastructure solutions 
that comply with new industry trends and best practices. Finally, the 
migration will enable the use of PCs in dual-boot mode to support Linux 
and Microsoft Windows without additional cost. "

Looks like Mr. Softee will get his Windows licenses, used in dual boot, 
whereas Mr. McNealy will have to do completely without!  Too bad, Scott! 

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