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Re: Mac and Linux viruses?

  • Subject: Re: Mac and Linux viruses?
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 02 May 2006 07:09:44 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / MCC / Manchester University
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__/ [ Rex Ballard ] on Tuesday 02 May 2006 06:57 \__

> __/ [ Au79 ] on Tuesday 02 May 2006 06:26 \__
> > LXer - Kerrville,TX,USA
> > 
> > ... undetectable. Mac, Linux and other Unix based systems come with 
> > condoms
> > pre-installed. ... systems. Less than 1% target Mac/Linux/Unix systems.
> > ...
> > 
> > <http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/59873/>
> Keep in mind that there was a massive successful attack against UNIX
> systems.  Back in 1987.  It knocked out thousands of computers on the
> internet and made headline news.
> The Morris Worm exploited a well-known "back door" used by system
> administrators for managing e-mail and newsgroup transfers.
> The consequences were so significant, that nearly all UNIX and Linux
> systems are preconfigured as "locked down" - it actually takes some
> deliberate effort and special knowledge.
> The UNIX community learned it's lesson, and really worked hard to
> identify and close security holes as soon as they were found.
> Microsoft has been suffering from Viral attacks even as far back as the
> days of MS-DOS, when viruses were spread on the boot-tracks of floppy
> disks.
> Microsoft has been trying to protect their 'back doors' which give them
> the ability to access ANY information on ANY Microsoft powered
> computer.
> It's a choice.

Have a look here:


,----[ Quote ]
| Several people have emailed us to point out that CNN is featuring an AP
| story about the 'first Mac virus' on their front page. It looks like CNN
| is a little late to the party, since the Mac web already reported about
| this way back in February. Damien wrote that, 'The bottom line is that
| this really seems to be a proof-of-concept trojan more than an actual "in
| the wild, self-propagating" virus. So yeah, it's certainly very
| interesting, but I'm not about to start watching for the sky to fall.'

So, as somebody already put it, the article/s is/are "late, overhyped, and
innaccurate". It makes a good headline for Windows user to find
comfort/sympathy in.

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