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Re: [News] Internet Explorer Attempts to 'Pull a Netscape'

__/ [ 7 ] on Monday 01 May 2006 22:14 \__

> Erik Funkenbusch wrote:
>> On Mon, 01 May 2006 18:28:40 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Google searches for Microsoft limits
>>> Paper says the search firm has told regulators it worries about MSN being
>>> the default for Internet Explorer.
>> Never mind that the browser they contribute employees to (Mozilla/FF)
>> doesn't even include MSN in it's search box.  If google were so concerned
>> about giving users choices, why wouldn't they contributte changes to make
>> MSN one of the included browsers?
>> Oh yeah, because google makes money off Firefox by directing their users
>> to use it as the default search engine.


,----[ Quote ]
| At present, Google is the default search engine in both Firefoand
| Opera web browsers but Google has to pay for the privilege. Google is
| arguing that Microsoft is engaging in anti-competitive practice by
| bundling its own search engine with its browser. Microsoft has retorted
| that the default search engine is easy to change. However, the software
| giant knows that a large percentage of users will not bother and will
| simply stay with the default, thus giving it an instant market share
| boost in the search engine space.

>> You're awfully black there Mr Kettle.
> You missed the point - its not OK for a monopoly
> to be engaged in anything that is illegal and anti-trust
> related activities. Its OK for small companies to be
> engaged in many of these kinds of activities because
> they are not monopolies and therefore do not violate anti-trust laws.
> Monopolies must not engage in discriminatory or predatory
> practices against well known and well travelled anti-trust laws.
> Micoshaft must learn to respect anti-trust laws or
> break themselves (or be broken into) non-monopoly non-collusive
> smaller companies to be doing these kinds of things if
> it values those activities as important to their business.
> It can't have it both ways.

This argument is not the most valid one (if at all it is valid). I believe
that a better argument would be that Firefox/Opera are *not* Google. They
have *no* monopoly.

Best wishes,


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