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Re: Incomplete memo sync

__/ [ David Lesher ] on Tuesday 02 May 2006 21:33 \__

> Desktop 4.2.1 for Mac
> Visor
> I have oh 18 desktop memos.
> I lost all Palm-data to a dead battery. No problem; that's what
> a current HotSync is all about, right?
> I did a sync and all apps and dates and files were restored. But
> only SOME of my memos, and the factory default ones.
> I looked at the Conduit Setting on the Desktop.  I have: Address
> Book, Backup, Calender, Contacts, Date Book, Install, Tasks, To Do
> list conduits.  But nothing about Desktop Memos.  Are they carried
> by one of the above?
> If not, what else might cause some but not all memos to
> restore...?

Are all 18 memos visible on the Desktop? If so, I urge you to make backup of
the files in question (e.g. duplicate your Palm profile in its entirety.
It's a profile which resides somewhere on your hard-drive). Do this /before/
you start doing anything else...

Are any of the memos hidden/password-protected? Does any of them contain
abnormal characters/symbols (unlikely)? Do you get an error status or simply
a log. If so, can you spot anything that would indicate that the conduit

I agree that it's odd not to have a Memopad conduit among your list, but I
haven't used HotSync Manager/Palm Desktop for a while, so I can't tell for

Hope this leads to a fruitful discussion,


PS - are you losting the latest of Palm Desktop? I can't recall if 4.2.1 is
the very latest. I believe that some bugfixes /may/ have been involved in
subsequent, more recent releases.

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