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Re: Pro-OpenOffice Campaign Begins, Combats FUD (with FUD)

__/ [ Larry Qualig ] on Wednesday 03 May 2006 17:44 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> The "Why OpenOffice" campaign (that which I mentioned before) has just
>> been launched.
>> http://why.openoffice.org/
>> Get Legal - Get OpenOffice.org
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Is your office software legal? According to figures published by
>> | Microsoft, 35% of the software in the world is thought to be counterfeit
>> | or otherwise illegal.
>> `----
> I find the "Combats FUD" to be a bit humorous. Isn't the link you
> provided ( http://why.openoffice.org/ ) engaging in the very definition
> of FUD?

It's a spin. Remember Microsoft's pro-Office FUD? OpenOffice are showing the
effect of exactly what you had mended in the subject line, which I tried to
keep short.

OSDL and others did the same thing when GetTheFacts got started. Still, that
false propaganda remains standing at number one at Google for 'linux'. And
that said, the Yahoo News feed for 'linux' is filled with pro-Linux (yet
independent) server TCO studies. This has gone on for several months.

> I read the link and it looks like OpenOffice is using fear (MS will
> hunt you down... MS will prosecute you... MS is putting piracy
> detection in software) and uncertainty and doubt (Do you know where
> your software came from... is it really legal???, etc).

They make valid points though. Don't you agree? Microsoft have begun hunting
down pirates more vigorously. They try to get back into balance, despite
their recent decline. Not only Microsoft combats piracy more than ever


,----[ Quote ]
| Anti-software piracy group the Business Software Alliance is offering
| a $36,000 reward to anyone who informs on employers who use illegal
| or unlicensed software.

So they _doubled_ the fine. I took the time to spread FUD of my own...


> The most amusing part is the 86% of readers "poll" which is so
> statistically flawed that it's laughable. Anyone who has ever taken any
> statistics class could easily see the deficiencies in this "poll" yet
> OpenOffice tries to pass it off as something valid... which it isn't by
> any reasonable measure.
> Perhaps the "Combats FUD" line should be changed to "Combats FUD with
> FUD" - eh?

Perhaps. Serves them right though. This comes to show that not only Microsoft
is willing to use black art to massage figures and carefully doctor the
studies in effort to support a laughable hypothesis.

Best wishes,


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